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Tushnet discusses the DMCA (Digital Media Copyright Act) and fair use.

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A discussion on how digital music has had an effect on the recording industry and copyright laws.  Reference is made to Napster and file sharing.

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Can you resell your digital music when you no longer listen to it?  Samuelson discusses the laws that let you resell books and discs and how they relate to digital music.

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Lund explores options used by musicians to prevent their creations from being illegally used or downloaded.

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It is interesting to read how the start of Google’s digital library project, almost 10 years ago, and its implications on copyright made a lot of people nervous.  How have things changed today?


Jordan School District – Highlights copyright rules of all types of sources including  music, software and the internet.

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What the Law Means to Your Yearbook –  A website that discusses how copyright affects yearbooks.

YouTube – Ever wonder what copyright laws are enforced on YouTube?  Click here to find out.

Helpful Items

Copyright is… – A YouTube video that gives the basics of copyright.  Notice the sources list at the end of the video!

PBS Digital Studios – Did you know the Happy Birthday song is protected by copyright?

PBS Independent Lens –  The story of a musician whose idea was used yet he was never compensated.

Copyright History Timeline – A brief history of copyright with links to inform you when and what laws were enacted.

Free Copyright-Friendly Images for Education – A website that lets students and teachers use images for educational purposes.