Larsen, Gavin. (2012.) The Plagiarism Problem. Dance Spirit, 16(3), 66-70. 
A discussion on choreography and possible consequences for copying.  Make sure to read the end of this article where the author gives a list of what is okay and not okay when choreographing.

Bugeja, Michael. (2004). Don’t Let Students “Overlook” Internet Plagiarism.  Education Digest: Essential Readings Condensed for Quick Review, 70(2), 37-43. 
What did we do before computers?  Bugeja discusses this question in relation to plagiarism and how things have changed with the internet.  He gives a list of things teachers do when looking for plagiarized documents.

McCollum, Sean. (2002). Copycats Beware! Junior Scholastic, 104(15), 6.
What is the price of plagiarism?  Is plagiarism a crime or a mistake?  McCollum discusses these issues in this article and gives a few ideas for avoiding the copycat trap.

Tyre, Terian. (2001). Their Cheatin’ Hearts. District Administration, 37(10), 32.
Written by a school administrator, this articles explores statistics on probable plagiarism within middle level schools and the excuses students give.

Baserga, Renato. (2011). Self-Plagiarism in Music and Science. Nature, 470(7332), 39-39.
This letter to the editor discusses self-plagiarism in music and science.  Do you agree?


Plagiarism.org – A good resource for learning more about plagiarism and checking your papers at the same time.

CopyScape – A website for when you need a quick reminder of what plagiarism is and why you shouldn’t do it.

Plagiarism – The Writing Center  – A handout created by the University of North Carolina that gives the basics of plagiarism to college students.

Purdue University Online Writing Lab – This website presents some of the intellectual challenges writers face and some ideas on how to combat them.

Orbit Media Studios – This website designing company gives side by side comparisons of original and plagiarized websites.

Helpful Items

The Plagiarism Checker – A site that allows you to check your paper for plagiarism before turning it in. This and other sites like this are becoming common use for college professors.

Turnitin – Another site that allows you to check your paper for plagiarism. This and other sites like this are becoming common use for college professors.

How to Avoid Plagiarism – A YouTube video to help you understand the basics of plagiarism.

eHow’s APA Style Guide and MLA Style Guide – Two of the most common styles of citation that will help you avoid plagiarism.

Plagiarism Test – Test your knowledge on plagiarism.  This test developed by the Indiana University’s School of Education will help you see if you know your stuff!